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d'entremont was hit and killed. the driver had no time to stop, and he hit joey at 40 miles per hour. drugs and alcohol was ruled out, and friends say that joey was a lovable and popular guy. >> he always told me to stick with your family, never forget them, and don't fight with them, you don't know when you can lose someone. and now i have lost him. >> there will be a counselor on hand to help the children cope with the loss.
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>> we have a church trip that turned in to a deadly nightmare. bishop white and his wife, and four other members, were killed. >> they were everything to our congregation. they were our confidents, our counselors, our teachers, our guidance. >> 14 others were in the van and several are still fighting for their lives this morning. >> which chesapeake bay, chesapeake middle, and followier mcken
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si will be closed. >> 440 swimmers were making waves to make money for the cancer center at john hopkins. >> they came by the hundreds, and some had -- swimming experience, and some did not. the one goal was, one and for all. >> it's to bring awareness and protection to our community. >> as part of the network, they are making money for the scientific research and patient care at the john hopkins hospital, and it will go directly to the center. there will be a lab called swim across america lab, and it is funded by the funds raised at the swim.
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i've had friends that i have lost due to it. i have his name on my cap here. i think about the people that we have lost to cancer, and that is what it comes down to. >> this summed up the feels of many. >> a very close family member of mine died several years ago, and it's an important way to give. >> the water temperature was 72 degrees, this was a beautiful choice and location for the celebration. all were here for a greater cause. >> i am swimming in memory of
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my grand dad that died of kidney cancer. >> my mom's friend was diagnosed with cancer, and that is why i am doing this. >> >> i just wanted to go as hard as i can. i know about the fight all of these survivors have had to go through. >> what a great event that was. >> a scary moment on a highway that will make your gasp. a toddler gets away from his mother and ends up there in the street. >> this appears to be on fire, doesn't it? >>
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>> a policeman was seriously wounded in the town of germany. two people were found dead in the apartment building that bursted in to flames after an explosion. a woman was found -- after
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running from the hospital and shooting a member of the hospital. and look at this, the toddler climbs down off of the sidewalk, sits on the edge of the highway, just a couple of feet away of passing vehicles. and the baby got away with from his mother who fell asleep. she has been arrested. look at this passerbies, this is kind of a scare, the rome am pi theater -- amp theater was caught on fire and this was used to create an
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illusion of the giant flames engulfing the structure. that's something. >> ravens tip-toe back. we have to get flacco back, right? >> that's right. >> raven's fans have some interesting thoughts about the game. we will give you the action when we come back. >> this 101 postal worker says he has the key to a long life. >> a permanent memorial in baltimore. >> more to tell you, coming up. >> just minutes away from sun rise on this last monday of summer. >> i'm sorry i said that. we are going to talk about autumn coming up, but summer is trying to return. >> drivers should get in it
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while the getten is good. >> traffic is flowing freely in both directions. stay with us. we will be back after this. >> oa
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>> all right. it's 6:44. say it ain't so, joe. joe, he had four interceptions yesterday -- missed interceptions yesterday. it's going to be that kind of week. we have the highlights in a bit. first, let's check in with justin. >> take a deep breath and relax. take in the fresh air. we have a look outside right now. this is showing a little bit of the early morning light. it's 62 degrees in north baltimore city. it's 59 in westminister and hanging in the 60s near
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around and across the shore. we will get our seasonable levels of a guaranteed high of 78. right now, we have kim with traffic. >> thank you, justin, you are going to find traffic a little sluggish as you are approaching willkins avenue. 795 is a little slow as you are heading to the beltway. but, again, we are incident free. there is some slowing down on hartford road, and we will get a check on the travel times in just a few minutes. justin? >> funeral services will be held on wednesday at noon for a freshman that was killed on friday night. linda? >> reporter: a crisis team will be on hand this morning
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to help fellow students with the loss of joey d'entremont. friends left flour -- flowers and emotional notes of the 14 year old freshman and football player. he was in the crosswalk, but the light prohibited him from walking. the 19 year old driver had no time to stop and hit joey at 40 miles per hour. right now there is no plans to charge the driver. >> joey was a lovable and popular guy. >> now, funeral plans have been set and the viewing will be held from 6:00 to 9:00, and then on thursday from
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12:00-noon and afterwards will be the burial. >> at a quarter till 5:00 yesterday morning, an unidentified man was shot in the head and taken to the hospital where he died. and on the 2900 block of edge wood spread, izael white was shot in the chest and the back and died a short time later. >> dr. cohen is doing better after being shot in the stomach. the gunman paul pardus became distraught after the doctor gave him the news of his mother's condition. he then shot the doctor, shot and killed his mother and then
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shot and killed himself. >> frank's mother lost his mother with breast cancer, and justin's is now in emission. they are wearing pink and fighting for their mothers. this is a way to say, i love you. >> it gives me a reason not to complain and be thankful if what i got. >> they have raised losed to $11,000. this will be donated to the susan komen. we are setting up for a race as well. abc news will be there live
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for the big race. go to click on the life style tab, click scroll to the right and think pink. >> chesapeake high, middle, and the folger elementary school will not have school today because of the water main break. they will resume tomorrow. >> joe flacco threw four interceptions, and then there were two bad calls. and the bengals beat the ravens yesterday 15-10. >> if you are going to go at it, go at it hard, but don't disrespect the came like that.
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6 points, they were given um because of bs. it's embarrassing. >> they could be 0-2 or 2-0. between now and then, the fans have a message with the team. >> we have a reporter live. >> reporter: good morning, we have been out here all morning long and talking to the ravens fans, a lot of them are sounding off, in a bad mood this morning, but you just take a listen to the reactions of the game. >> i think flacco needs to stop and think about what he is doing for a moment.
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>> it's not bad, it's not bad at all. we can afford to lose one more game, and we are going to go all the way. that's how it works. >> no need to be too upset. the ravens will be hosting the browns on sunday. kickoff time is at 1:00 p.m. >> 6:51. we should call this buck ease. the want to was yesterday. they had to get through the orioles killer bennet, and six times since buck stopped here, they beat the yankees with a
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4-3 winning, and the orioles are in boston later on tonight. >> a st. mary's county postal worker marks a milestone. this 101 year old is still punching the clock. he mainly picks up the trash and cleans at the post office 6 days a week and at least 5 hours a day. secret to life is not smoking, not drinking alcohol, attending church every sunday, and eating good food such as corn bread, peas and sweet poa
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potatoes. >> european fans brought zappa back to his hometown, and the fans gathered on a september afternoon and officials dedicated a bronze bust o the -- of the rocker. and it is a replica that is stand not guilty -- standing in the square at lit wayne ya. >> temperatures are down to 66, above normal, but it may feel cool because of the breeze. the cool -- cooler temperatures are 50 in inland. the once powerful hurricane
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igor was up to 150 miles per hour winds last week. and now, it did produce a wind gust of 93 miles per hour. and for them, they -- for us, we have just a little bit of a breeze as it moves across the coast. we have more seasonable temperatures for today and tomorrow. the moisture is coming back in with the heat, and we may have a chance to introduce some of the summer temperatures and ironically, it's the start of autumn. 48 degrees tonight, low 50s downtown and by the bay, and tomorrow, we are back up to upper 70s around 80s, and an afternoon shower. kim?
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>> >> justin, you are going to see some delays on the west side on liberty road but it is moving and we like to see that on a monday. as we are looking right now on the drive times and the maps, it's going to be a 7 minute ride to 70. and we have some minor delays on the harbor tunnel. >> jamie? >> u.s. senate seat in delaware, who won last week, and now she is speaking about
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her past. they are hear and they -- here and they are spreading. a new high profile victim, bed bugs. nike has been forced to close the doors because of the critters. >> no one is sleep not guilty the store, so -- sleeping in the store, so -- >> well, that makes you hesitant to try on clothes. >> she's been all over me this morning. >> i know it. >> four lost interceptions, you are not going to get it. >> all week long. >> optimistic. >> >> all right. have a great morning. >> old gibbs canning company.
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today these factories are full of dot com businesses.
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and now my job is helping maryland create new economy jobs. training new math and science teachers investing in our institutions of excellence pioneering new cyber security jobs and giving an old gm plant a jump start building electric motors. i'm barbara mikulski. i approve this message so you'll know i'm fighting for you.

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